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The Corporate Counsel Men of Color (CCMC) Transformational Leadership Assessment Checklist


All transformational leaders possess similar qualities. They are empathetic, visionary, passionate and inspirational. Transformational leaders impact an organization by increasing their employees’ job performance, morale and motivation.

Becoming a transformational leader within your organization requires you to develop a vision and create a culture to carry out that vision. With practice and determination, any person can develop into a transformational leader.

Do you want to know where you stand as a leader? Use the following checklist to assess your current transformational leadership qualities.

Inspirational Qualities

  • I promote a culture of professional and personal growth.
  • I remove barriers to growth and achievement within my organization.
  • I motivate and encourage employees to see beyond self-interests.
  • I model behavior that inspires my employees.

Visionary Qualities

  • I have a vision for my organization.
  • I clearly communicate my vision to all stakeholders.
  • I look for solutions instead of problems.

Empathetic Qualities

  • I practice and promote active listening when interacting with others.
  • I understand the emotions of my employees and how different environments affect them.
  • I know which leadership style inspires employees within my organization.

Personal Qualities

  • I am enthusiastic and passionate about the work within my organization.
  • I act on the messages and concepts that I share with colleagues and my employees.
  • I avoid indecision and inaction.
  • I encourage authentic dialogue and open communication with employees.

Emotional Intelligence

  • I possess a positive sense of self-worth.
  • I consistently display integrity and honesty.
  • I possess a readiness to seize new opportunities as they become available.
  • I possess an internal standard of excellence.

Appreciative Qualities

  • I show people how to use their strengths to make positive contributions to my organization.
  • I let my employees know that I value their contributions.
  • I give my employees a sense of belonging and encourage collaboration.

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