Membership Benefits

Corporate Counsel Women of Color®provides its members with unique opportunities to connect with members on the East Coast, West Coast, in the Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest regions of the United States of America and abroad.

There is no fee to join Corporate Counsel Women of Color® to have access to the E-Job Announcements or to attend the annual career strategies conference.

To facilitate networking and information sharing related to career development, Corporate Counsel Women of Color® provides the following services/benefits:

  • E-Job Announcements of In-House Corporate Legal Positions Around the United States of America and Abroad.
  • Access to Substantive Programming, Articles, and Dialogue Discussions Relating to Strategic Planning for Career Advancement.
  • Participation in the Annual Corporate Counsel Women of Color Career Strategies Conference.
  • Participation In the Furtherance of Diversity.

In addition, CCWC now offers an enhanced Premier Benefits Package for those looking for great benefits and discounts including saving and perks in connection with our annual conferences. The cost is $299.00 per year. See details below.

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