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Mother and Daughter Form Lulu’s Holistics to Bring Natural Products and A Dream to Fruition

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

Running a family business is a dream that many have, but Deannee Santiago and Janet Frederick are living that dream!

The mother and daughter duo, who own and operate Lulu’s Holistics, uses only 100% unrefined butters and 100% pure essential oils along with certified natural and organic ingredients. With three physical locations and a successful website, the pair continues to bring customers satisfaction with their natural products.

BLACK ENTERPRISE spoke to Frederick, who detailed why the company only uses organic ingredients, the passion behind starting Lulu’s Organics, and what advice she’d give to anyone who wanted to turn their passion into a career.

BLACK ENTERPRISE: What motivated the two of you to start Lulu’s Holistics and how do you stay focused on running the business?

Janet Frederick: Being in the beauty industry from a very young age, I always knew I was destined to partake and dabble in the skincare industry. I took jobs and surrounded myself with individuals that were well-established and had their own successful cosmetic line. I started formulating products for my family, and as I saw how satisfied and happy they were with the results, it propelled me to do more. I’m a very focused individual but having a daughter as a business partner who was even more focused, driven, and in tune with the latest fads, kept us yearning. Wanting to provide products for every person’s concerns made us even more determined and focused.

Why did you decide to only use organic ingredients and how important is that for you in using natural additives in your products?

Once I had acquired a position in the industry as a makeup artist and product adviser, I became obsessed with label reading and wanting to know exactly what those unrecognizable ingredients were. I read and researched every single ingredient and realized that all the ingredients stated weren’t actually as natural or organic as it claimed to be. This is when I realized I have to formulate my own whole body 100% holistic products. Using every single ingredient derived from nature.

Being a woman of color, what obstacles have you had to overcome in order to have a successful business? What sets you aside in your business practices that have been the key to your success?

Being a woman of color, I’ve never really had to overcome any obstacle, only the set goals that I had for myself. In other words, I challenge myself cause I knew where I came from and I knew exactly where I wanted to be. I alone can stop myself from achieving, I’m not saying it was all easy breezy, but I’m saying I had a fire burning inside me that stayed lit and up to this day it hasn’t cooled down. What sets Lulu’s Holistics apart from other brands is we’re true to our claims of providing a 100% brand that customers reap true results from. We are exactly what we claim to be as a brand: no additives, and no preservatives–we’re a whole body holistic line.

With having members of your family who are autistic, how have you handled the effects of this condition, and how has having a family member with autism affected your business?

Having twin daughters that are autistic has taught me patience and allowed me to understand the true meaning of self-perseverance and unconditional love. I wanted better for them, I wanted them to still experience all the joys of living independently. I’ve been a caretaker all my life. It’s my calling; I know nothing else but to take care of and provide for my loved ones. I don’t see autism when I look at them, I see life and a means for me to continue my journeys onward so they’ll never need, want, or lack anything ever in life.

What suggestion would you give those who want to turn a passion into a successful business? 

My suggestion to others who want to turn their passion into a successful business is to make sure it’s actually your passion, ’cause it’ll never feel like a job and it’s something you’ll actually enjoy doing and it never gets tiring. I always say go back to your childhood and remember that one thing that brought you joy, that one thing that you call your hobby. It’s there and it never left. And that, my friend, is where you’ll find your passion!


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