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Corporate Governance 101
Artificial Intelligence: Lawyering into the Technology Revolution
How to Make the Most Out of Your End of-the-Year Performance Evaluation When Meeting with Senior Management
ADR for Women of Color
The New Frontier: Careers in Technology: Google, Walmart, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft Share Legal Opportunities
Beyond Mentoring: 5 Strategies to Finding Your Personal Corporate Sponsor


Giving Back Through Pro Bono – Ways to Impact Your Community
You Are Worth It: 10 Strategies for Preparing for Your Next Salary Negotiations Part 1
Top 5 IP Issues in Corporate, Commercial, and Business Transactions
Image Is Everything:5 Business Etiquette Strategies
How to Foster Healthy and Impactful Relationships With Those You Work With
Health Care Law 2018 Updates
Advanced Employment Law Issues in Employment Discrimination Cases
Advanced Employment Law Issues: Handout 1 (Dependent Contractors, Workers’ Rights, and the Canadian Approach)
Advanced Employment Law Issues: Handout 2 (The Gig Economy: A UK Perspective)
Advanced Employment Law Issues: Handout 3 (The Gig Economy: A Threat to Basic Employment Rights)


10 Must-Dos When Conducting an Internal Investigation
10 Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Hiring an Executive Coach
M&A: 10 Lessons Learned from the In-House and Outside Counsel Perspective
Someone Hijacked Our Computers: Best Practices on Dealing with Ransomware
Stress Management for Lawyers
You Are Worth It!:10 Strategies for Preparing for Your Next Salary Negotiations Part 2
2018 Top 5 Trends in Social Media: How to Manage Risks to Your Corporation


#Me Too: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Personal Life Reboot: 10 Surefire Ways to Ignite It
For Millennials: Work Like a Millennial–Navigating an Everyday Workforce in 2018 and Beyond
10 Strategies When Drafting and Negotiating Digital and Technology Agreements


How to Use Diversity Data and Numbers to Change the Workplace
5 Ways to Transition Out of the Law to Pursue an Alternative Career
When General Counsel or Partner Is Not Your Goal: So, Then, What’s Next?

2016 CCWC CLE Documents

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Presentations: CCWC General Counsel Training Boot Camp and MBA In-a-Day for Lawyers

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