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Can’t Find a Mentor? Four Ways to Accelerate Your Career with a Career Coach


You can’t afford to stop growing in your career. Having a mentor is essential to career growth and development. However, finding the right mentor can be challenging.
Let’s face it. Some mentors are busy and may not have time to devote to your career development. This is why you should consider hiring a coach to mentor and guide you throughout your career.
Although you have to pay for a career coach, it is money well spent. You’ll have someone who is invested in your success and committed to helping you. Here are four ways hiring a career coach can accelerate your career.

1. A career coach can help you change your mindset.

From diet to career choices, every change you make begins within your mind. Typically, the main thing that needs to be changed when you are trying to move forward in your career is the way you think. This is why working with a coach is an effective career strategy.
With a career coach’s help, you can identify blind spots and ways of thinking that sabotage your choices. These include fear, impostor syndrome and perfectionism. Developing a new way of thinking is a long-term process. A career coach can help you achieve success faster than if you do it alone.

2. Plan a path for career advancement.

As you plan your career strategy, a coach can help you determine the best course of action to get to the next level. This may include which stretch assignments to take and which ones to avoid. Other ways a career coach can help you advance your career include:
• Show you how to find a sponsor within your company.
• Guide you through the salary negotiations process.
• Help you discover the best use of your skills and talents.

3. Provide the motivation to move forward when you face disappointments.

During your career, you will face setbacks. You may not get the promotion or pay raise. Your boss may give you a performance evaluation that is unfavorable.
Your career coach can motivate and encourage you through challenging times. That way, you can overcome any setback instead of wallowing in your pain. A coach will help you view your disappointments in positive ways.

4. Develop habits that set you up for success.

You may have read books that discuss the habits of high achievers. The truth is a success is not an accident. It is the result of positive habits that you develop over time. With your career coach, you can develop, track and monitor habits that will help you achieve your career goals.
When it comes to career advancement, help is available. Invest in yourself and career growth by hiring a career coach. Work with a professional coach to advance your career to the next level.
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