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Legal Tech Trends in 2023: Five Software Solutions for Law Firms and In-House Counsel

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Career

Emerging technology is changing the way we do business in our legal departments. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automation software, there are plenty of tech tools to simplify legal processes and free up your time. That way, you can focus on key tasks such as building your book of business and improving work-life balance.

Looking for ways to streamline workflows in your company’s legal department or law firm? Here are five technology and software solutions for in-house counsel.

1. Practical Law

Practical Law offers 70,000+ legal updates, checklists, how-to guides, standard documents and more. Each resource is reviewed and updated by experienced attorneys throughout the United States. Practice areas include finance, real estate, health care, labor/employment, corporate/M&A, data privacy/cybersecurity and more.

2. Drafting Assistant

Mitigate risk and streamline drafting with Drafting Assistant. This technology solution is designed to support litigation and transaction documents. With Drafting Assistant, you can draft legal documents, reduce errors and check citations efficiently.

3. HighQ

Legal departments, corporate attorneys and government agencies trust HighQ to streamline legal workflows, improve collaboration and increase efficiency. Features include time-saving tools, document management, shared team calendars and data visualization.

4. KeyCite Overruling Risk

KeyCite Overruling Risk provides information about overruled cases and uses Artificial Intelligence to identify bad case law with direct citations. This software includes icons such as red flags, yellow flags, blue striped flags and orange warning signs to alert users of possible overruling risks.

5. WestSearch Plus

WestSearch Plus is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence that saves time and provides accurate results. Features include a legal search engine, dynamic filters, responsive text, case synopsis and predictive typehead. Use WestSearch Plus to gain new insights and respond to client requests faster.

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