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7 Resources to Help Women Attorneys Prepare to Serve on Corporate Boards

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Features, Career, Productivity, Diversity

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Corporations in every industry are facing increased pressure to diversify their executive ranks and Board of Directors. This means that opportunities are available for women attorneys, persons of color and leaders with diverse cultural backgrounds.

It has never been a better time to prepare for and apply for board positions. However, you must develop the right mix of skills because the bar for these roles remains as high as ever. Organizations are looking for candidates who possess strategic, financial, relational and cultural intelligence.

The journey to your first corporate board position can take one to five years. If you want to serve on a board, there are actions that you can take to get ready for the challenge. Here are 7 resources to help women attorneys prepare to serve on corporate boards.

1. Women Serve on Boards (Informational Organization)

About Women Serve on Boards: This organization’s mission is to help women prepare for board service. Women Serve on Boards provide women with answers to common questions about the process, actionable networking strategies and skills to identify their unique value propositions.

Learn more about Women Serve on Boards at www.womenserveonboards.com.

2. KPMG Innovating the Board (PDF)

About KPMG Innovating the Board: This PDF is produced through the KPMG Board Leadership Center. It offers advice and insight from veteran board members. Prospective and current board members can explore challenges facing boards, ways to make boards more effective and ways to drive meaningful change in the boardroom.

Read the KPMG Innovating the Board PDF to learn more.

3. How Boards Work: And How They Can Work Better in a Chaotic World (Book)

About How Boards Work: In her latest book, Dambisa Moyo shares an insider’s view of corporate board governance. She asserts that corporate boards must become more diverse and deeply involved in strategic planning processes. This book serves as a road map for board members to help their organizations benefit their stakeholders and thrive in turbulent times.

About the Author: Dambisa Moyo is an economist and best-selling author. Time Magazine named her to the list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. Dambisa earned degrees from American University, Harvard University and Oxford University.

Learn more about How Boards Work and Dambisa Moyo at www.dambisamoyo.com.

4. The Boardlist (Corporate Board Search Organization)

About The Boardlist: This organization connects diverse candidates with board opportunities throughout the world. The Boardlist’s mission is to help companies better serve their companies by having representative leadership in their boardrooms. Since 2015, The Boardlist has successfully helped more than 2,000 companies of all sizes find board candidates.

Learn more about The Boardlist at www.theboardlist.com.

5. Latino Corporate Directors Association (Non-Profit Organization)

About Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA): LCDA is a nonprofit organization that includes a community of Latino corporate leaders in the United States. This organization’s mission is to support and increase Latino representation on corporate boards.

Learn more about the Latino Corporate Directors Association at www.latinocorporatedirectors.org.

6. The Corporate Director Podcast

About The Corporate Director Podcast: This podcast is a production of the Diligent Corporation. Topics include secure communication, risk management, strategy, board meeting management, boardroom refreshment and corporate governance best practices. The host interviews leaders, authors, directors and corporate executives from a variety of industries.

Previous episodes include:

  • The Fight for Latino Representation in the Boardroom
  • Ethical Decision-Making in the Face of Change
  • Year in Review – Biggest Governance Moments of 2020
  • Tips on Diversity from a Digital Leader
  • Meeting the Moment for Board Diversity
  • Pandemic Prep: How Can Boards Provide Strong Oversight of COVID-19 Response
  • Ethnic Diversity on Boards: Should Your Boardroom’s Makeup Reflect Your Market?

Learn more about The Corporate Director Podcast at www.insights.diligent.com/corporate-director-podcast/.

7. Earn Your Seat on a Corporate Board: 7 Actions to Build Your Career, Elevate Your Leadership and Expand Your Influence

About Earn Your Seat on a Corporate Board: In this book, Jill Griffin asserts that the board playing field must be leveled to include diverse candidates such as women and persons of color. She shows readers the actions that will increase the odds of getting selected for a board position. Earn Your Seat on a Corporate Board serves as a playbook for women who have their sights set on a corporate board position or two.

About the Author: Jill Griffin is an author, board member and global thought-leader. She mentors women who are seeking corporate board positions. Jill earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of South Carolina.

Learn more about Earn Your Seat on a Corporate Board and Jill Griffin at www.jillgriffin.net.

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